I'm open and providing tele-therapy during shelter-in-place!


Why Therapy?

For Individuals: Do you struggle with relationships?  Feel less vital than you’d like to?  Do you have goals you’ve pushed aside for far too long?  Feel stuck, depressed or anxious?

For Couples and Families: Has romance taken a backseat to parenting or work?  Has your relationship lost its vitality?  Do day to day conflicts seem insurmountable?  Want to connect but don’t know how?

Therapy can:

•  Help you find a way back to yourself or to your partner

•  Help you see conflict as an opportunity for needed change

•  Address unmet needs and goals

•  Learn compassionate communication skills

•  Re-vitalize waning sexuality

•  Learn to appreciate differences

•  Heal childhood trauma

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing that brings most of us happiness and joy. Yet, all relationships have some conflict and tension that can lead to misunderstandings. Many couples don't have the tools to work through their misunderstandings. Don't suffer and don't give up. I can help you learn these tools and get your relationship back on track. 

I have successfully helped hundreds of individuals and couples for over 25 years.  My work is designed to meet the needs of individual and families throughout the lifecycle. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, supervisor of clinical interns and a developmentally sensitive parenting consultant.

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